Saturday, September 5, 2009


by GTH Team

*Hugging* is a jacket which has a heart.

Although a computer can do almost everything but certainly, it cannot give you *?a hug?*.

If one day you are not here to *hug*, who else should I blame?

*Hugging* is a cute expression between lovers.

Even though you?ve got only one person in your life to *hug*, that?s enough.

*Hugging* is at the same time, the giving and receiving.

In the near future, *?hug?* might be as hard to find as ?time?.

*Hugging* displays that ?there will be a heart beat of others which keeps beating while you hug?

When you are being *hugged*, you will be smaller.

BUT When you *hug* someone, you will be bigger.

*Hugging* is ? I am here?.

*Hugging* displays that we are not alone in the planet.

Speaking is the good way of feeling communication but sometime *?hug?* might be a better assistance.

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